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The pandemic of 2020 has accelerated the use and acceptance of virtual meeting tools and systems that have now become standard elements of face-to-face meetings. To help venues with this transition we have developed the Electro-Media Hybrid-Ready Meeting Room, a performance-based design concept that ensures meeting spaces enhance, rather than impede, the technologies required to support hybrid events.

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We coined the term: ArchiTechnology® the early 1990’s to describe the convergence and integration of presentation and entertainment technologies into the built environment. Essentially, ArchiTechnology® the study of how the human perception mechanisms work, how the various audio and visual technologies work, and how the environment contributes or diminishes the effective transfer of information from the technologies to the audience.

Our practice of ArchiTechnology® means that we look well beyond the AudioVisual systems we design and predict to optimize the performance of the completed venue, and the comfort and quality of the audiences’ experience.

Auditorim set up for an orchestra performance


When communicating, it is critical to not only be heard, but to be understood. Our practice of audio systems encompasses not just the system itself, but the environment in which it will perform and includes the following:

  • Voice, Music, & Sound Reinforcement
  • Analog & Digital Signal Processing & Distribution
  • Recorded & Streamed Audio Reproduction
  • Theater Acoustics & Audio/Video
  • Background Music Sourcing, Control, and Servers
  • Live Entertainment Systems
  • Assisted Listening and Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Room Acoustics & Electro-Acoustics
  • Psychoacoustics

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The world we live in is becoming more and more visual. From one-to-one communication to presentations to an audience of thousands, the visuals are providing more and more of the information and content. Our practice of visual systems includes the following:

  • Projection & Direct-View Displays
  • Analog & Digital Signal Processing & Distribution
  • VideoWall Arrays
  • Holographic & 3D Projection & Display
  • Videography & Production
  • Video Recording & Streaming
  • Video Projection Mapping on Objects
  • Digital Signage
  • Electronic Way-Finding
  • Interactive & Location-Aware

Event space lined with tables and chairs

Audiovisual & Event Technologies

When it comes to the meeting environment, EMD’s staff is not only experienced in the concept and design of presentation systems, but also has years of experience utilizing these systems to service the day-to-day needs of meeting planners, presenters, users and attendees. Our practice of Audiovisual and event technology systems includes the following:

  • Control & Automation Systems
  • Building Management Integration
  • Processing Programming

  • Live & Post AV Production
  • Production & Feature Lighting
  • Show Flow, Staging, Power, Hoisting & Rigging
  • Operational Management
  • Space Planning
  • Broadcast & Media
  • Video Teleconferencing, Streaming, & Telepresence
  • Equipment, Technology, & Industry Trends

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The AVaStar platform provides the operating system to effectively plan and execute efficient AV and Technology services in a public or private venue. Anywhere staff needs to manage the presentation technology needs of meetings and events, AVaStar can improve revenue, decrease costs, protect investment and enhance the customer experience.

AVaStar was created to provide the first and only AV Services management platform built specifically for use by internal venue staff to manage the day-to-day needs of presentation technology services. Hotels, Conference Centers, Corporate/Government Offices and Training Centers, Universities, Entertainment Venues, Houses of Worship…anywhere equipment and resources need to be planned and scheduled can use AVaStar!

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Nothing Says Quality Like Quiet®

Because no amount of technology can make up for a bad environment, EMD provides acoustics consulting to ensure the technology compliments the environment rather than introduce additional stress on the listener. Our practice of acoustics includes the following:

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Isolation
  • Impact Noise Analysis & Remediation
  • Reverberation & Echo
  • Mechanical Noise
  • Noise & Vibration Control
  • Electro-Acoustics
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Environmental Noise
  • HVAC Noise
  • Industry & Product Trends
  • Prevention vs Treatment

Noise Level Computer-Generated Model

Noise Level Computer-Generated Model


Electro-Media Design, Ltd. is frequently invited to partner with other design/consulting firms to round out their offerings. This practice extends globally, as sometimes partnering can save the client significant costs. Similarly, we may extend the services we provide to our clients by engaging and managing other consultants including:

  • Information Technology & Security
  • IT/ELV
  • Lighting
  • Theatrical Stagecraft
  • Project Management
  • Security, Risk & Resilience

Our practice, when engaging other design firms, is to pass their proposals and fees through to the client without mark-up, added overhead, or fees.

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  • For the past two decades, Electro-Media Design, Ltd. (EMD) has been our source for authoritative, unbiased design information for hospitality AV and acoustics. EMD's passion for excellence combined with their depth of experience with AV design, construction and operations benefits our Brands throughout the world. Confirmation of EMD's leadership in the industry is the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) presentation of their highest education honor, the Pyramid Award, to EMD's President, Jeff Loether, for his promotion of design excellence through education

    Paul R. Sweeney, AIA, CS, CCS, LEED AP

    Director of Technical Services - Marriott International

  • Since the new Theater opened, our musicals have been standing room only. We are also experiencing wonderful turnout for our introduction of classical drama. It is truly a theater for the arts and not just an auditorium. Amongst schools, it is one of the finest acoustical spaces I have experienced. It is extraordinary for musicals. We recently performed Fiddler on the Roof and had five scenes out in the house. Student performers could face 360 degrees and still be understood. I have sat in all four corners of the Theater and can always hear clearly. Others have responded in the same positive way.

    Ms. Marylynne Boss, Associate Head of School

    The Academy of the Holy Cross (Kensington, MD)

  • Electro-Media Design, Ltd. hit a home run for Loews Hotels regarding our AudioVisual operations. Their efforts resulted in significant savings and increased revenues for our entire portfolio. They understand the AV business inside and out, and balanced the needs and interests of everyone involved. We highly recommend Electro-Media Design, Ltd. to anyone looking for improved service and profitability in their hotel's AV departments.

    Bruce Green

    Corporate Director of Purchasing - Loews Hotels

  • Jeff is the most knowledgeable and personable AudioVisual designer I have ever worked with and there have been a few. He literally wrote the book on effective audio systems for hospitality AV systems. He really knows how to 'rock the house'!

    Donald Noveau, AIA

    Director of Pre-Construction Services at Jonathan Nehmer+ Associates, Inc.

  • I have known Jeff for well over 15 years and during this time my respect for his professionalism and expertise in the field of meeting technology has continued to grow. As the President of a Global Organization, IACC, I have the opportunity to interact with specialists from around the world. In my opinion, Jeff is at the top of the pack and is my primary "go to" person for information and advice for the design and operation of exceptional meeting facilities. Aside from his expertise, Jeff is an engaged and generous contributor to the meetings industry. He gives freely of his time and is genuinely interested in improving the meetings industry. Of all his assets, I am most drawn into his passion. It is highly contagious!

    Neil Pompan

    President at Pompan Hospitality Group

  • People who have strong experience and intimate perspectives on multiple industries are rare indeed. Jeff Loether is one of those people. Part system designer, part product designer, part hospitality market expert, Jeff combines training, experience, creativity, heart, and street smarts relative to audio/video (AV) systems in public meeting and entertainment spaces. His unique--often uncanny--ability to size up a problem or design challenge makes him a "go to" person for the integrated AV systems industry.

    John Stiernberg

    Founder and Principal Consultant, Stiernberg Consulting