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Electro-Media Design, Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Jeff Loether, ISHC to provide AudioVisual consulting and design, with a mission of creating a supportive, cooperative environment in which talented professionals can grow, flourish, and express their creativity. Now an industry recognized leader, EMD offers a full range of AudioVisual systems design and acoustical consultation with expertise in audio, video, control, and related presentation, entertainment, and communications technologies.  

Our practice has also expanded to include AudioVisual Operational and Management consulting to address the entire AV systems lifecycle. As independent consultants, EMD has provided consulting services for over 1,100 projects globally including hotels, conference and convention centers, spas and resorts, government facilities, corporate board rooms, theaters and auditoria, schools and electronic classrooms, training and meeting rooms, courtrooms, places of worship, restaurants and nightclubs, sports facilities and venues, and command and control centers.


Jeff Loether, ISHC

Jeff Loether, ISHC

Founder and President

Jeff established ELECTRO-MEDIA DESIGN, Ltd. in 1990. He has overseen the production of hundreds of designs created by EMD's Audiovisual (AV) engineers. Jeff is active in the development of new products and design approaches that incorporate different technologies to enhance functionality, reduce system complexity and cost, and improve reliability. Jeff’s experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry is unparalleled and he has pioneered many of the standards of AV design and implementation. Jeff is an active speaker and instructor for a number of professional organizations, including the ICIA, IACC and NSCA.  He is a published author, with articles appearing in a variety of industry related magazines, including Sound & Video Contractor. He is a founding member of the International Communications Industry Association’s (ICIA) Independent Consultants in Audiovisual Technology Council (ICAT).

Eric Bracht

Eric Bracht

AVaStar Managing Director and Product Owner

Eric joined EMD in 2009, after nearly twenty years of experience in hospitality Audiovisual department operations and sales, and serves as the primary project manager for all operational consulting projects. Eric’s experience encompasses all aspects of AV department operations, including equipment logistics, scheduling and productivity, budgeting, staffing, financial planning and management, purchasing, inventory management, vendor negotiations, conflict resolution, new technology evaluation and employee training and development. He holds a Certified Technical Specialist (CTS) certification from InfoComm International. Since joining EMD, Eric has provided operational input to design projects as well as developing our operational consulting practice.

Robert Hendricks

Robert Hendricks

Principal Audiovisual Consultant

Robert (Bob) has been with EMD since 2008 and serves as the Principal Audiovisual Consultant for all Audiovisual Design projects. His experience includes services to a wide variety of Audiovisual project types, including design and installation of Audiovisual systems for commercial and government clients. Bob is an experienced programmer of Crestron and AMX control systems, and holds a Certified Technology Specialist-Design (CTS-D) certification from InfoComm International. He is conversant in Russian and Estonian.

Luis-Eduardo Soares

Luis-Eduardo Soares

Principal Acoustical Consultant

Luis-Eduardo has been with EMD since 1994. His diverse range of experience includes consulting for recording studio control rooms, theaters, auditoriums, sports facilities, and conference centers, houses of worship, commercial facilities, nightclubs, and private residences. Luis-Eduardo’s work on the low-frequency sound field of recording studio control rooms helped to establish current design guidelines for bass trap applications. In addition, Luis-Eduardo practiced as an independent sound system-consulting engineer in his native country of Brazil prior to relocating to the United States. He is proficient in Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish, and has a working knowledge of Italian and Japanese.

What Matters to Us

EMD is committed to a philosophy of high-quality guest experience and operational efficiency. A focus on the user experience influences EMD’s design approach and is emphasized in the classes they teach, the articles they write, and in its overall consulting perspective. EMD believes that its first-hand experience in systems design and AV operations makes it unique among Audiovisual consultants. EMD does not sell, manufacture, or install equipment or systems.  EMD is committed to a philosophy of client advocacy and technical excellence. 

Client and operator satisfaction are our top priority. EMD’s focus on operations informs our design approach, our classes, our articles, and our overall consulting perspective. This approach has been developed over the years through extensive and ongoing dialogue with facility owners, system operators, and installation technicians.

We are founding members of the Independent Consultants in AudioVisual Technologies (ICAT). Membership in both of these organizations is limited to bona fide independent consultants only.

In addition to our client and user centered philosophy, we also design to ensure that our Five Tenets of Quality in AudioVisual system design are present in our work:


The most important of all issues. Anything less than consistent, reliable service will affect the reputation of our systems and the property


The architecture of flexible function spaces in hotels requires the technical systems to be equally multi-purpose. Ease of Use. Logical, intuitive controls for the system and equipment permit quick setup and changes to the system configuration by all levels of staff.

Ease of Use

Logical, intuitive controls for the system and equipment permit quick setup and changes to the system configuration by all levels of staff.


As the perception and expectancy of a high quality auditory and visual experience increases in our clients, our AudioVisual systems need to keep pace. Legibility, intelligibility, dynamic range and signal to noise ratios are some of the areas we address to accommodate the heightened sophistication of the audience.


Each system component must be evaluated using these quality criteria for cost and benefit. Does it enhance reliability, flexibility, ease of use and performance? If it doesn't, it should not be a part of the system.


Low First Cost refers to the capital cost of the installation including the equipment, materials, labor, and related infrastructure such as floor space, power, grounding, raceway, and cable. 

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EMD has provided consulting services for over 1000 projects globally including hotels, conference and convention centers, spas and resorts, government facilities, corporate board rooms, theaters and auditoria, schools and electronic classrooms, training and meeting rooms, courtrooms, places of worship, restaurants and nightclubs, sports facilities and venues, and command and control centers.


Helen Keller Centennial Postcard

Helen Keller National Center Stamps

EMD developed an Audiovisual System for the Helen Keller National Center in New York… a unique pro-bono challenge.

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ELECTRO-MEDIA DESIGN, Ltd. is always seeking professionals with experience in AV design & consulting and a desire to grow with our company. EMD offers a diverse & family oriented culture where employees are encouraged to think outside the box and innovate in all facets of day-to-day operations.  If you're interested in being a part of the EMD’s team, please send a letter of interest and resume to careers@electro-media.com.


  • For the past two decades, Electro-Media Design, Ltd. (EMD) has been our source for authoritative, unbiased design information for hospitality AV and acoustics. EMD's passion for excellence combined with their depth of experience with AV design, construction and operations benefits our Brands throughout the world. Confirmation of EMD's leadership in the industry is the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) presentation of their highest education honor, the Pyramid Award, to EMD's President, Jeff Loether, for his promotion of design excellence through education

    Paul R. Sweeney, AIA, CS, CCS, LEED AP

    Director of Technical Services - Marriott International

  • Since the new Theater opened, our musicals have been standing room only. We are also experiencing wonderful turnout for our introduction of classical drama. It is truly a theater for the arts and not just an auditorium. Amongst schools, it is one of the finest acoustical spaces I have experienced. It is extraordinary for musicals. We recently performed Fiddler on the Roof and had five scenes out in the house. Student performers could face 360 degrees and still be understood. I have sat in all four corners of the Theater and can always hear clearly. Others have responded in the same positive way.

    Ms. Marylynne Boss, Associate Head of School

    The Academy of the Holy Cross (Kensington, MD)

  • Electro-Media Design, Ltd. hit a home run for Loews Hotels regarding our AudioVisual operations. Their efforts resulted in significant savings and increased revenues for our entire portfolio. They understand the AV business inside and out, and balanced the needs and interests of everyone involved. We highly recommend Electro-Media Design, Ltd. to anyone looking for improved service and profitability in their hotel's AV departments.

    Bruce Green

    Corporate Director of Purchasing - Loews Hotels

  • Jeff is the most knowledgeable and personable AudioVisual designer I have ever worked with and there have been a few. He literally wrote the book on effective audio systems for hospitality AV systems. He really knows how to 'rock the house'!

    Donald Noveau, AIA

    Director of Pre-Construction Services at Jonathan Nehmer+ Associates, Inc.

  • I have known Jeff for well over 15 years and during this time my respect for his professionalism and expertise in the field of meeting technology has continued to grow. As the President of a Global Organization, IACC, I have the opportunity to interact with specialists from around the world. In my opinion, Jeff is at the top of the pack and is my primary "go to" person for information and advice for the design and operation of exceptional meeting facilities. Aside from his expertise, Jeff is an engaged and generous contributor to the meetings industry. He gives freely of his time and is genuinely interested in improving the meetings industry. Of all his assets, I am most drawn into his passion. It is highly contagious!

    Neil Pompan

    President at Pompan Hospitality Group

  • People who have strong experience and intimate perspectives on multiple industries are rare indeed. Jeff Loether is one of those people. Part system designer, part product designer, part hospitality market expert, Jeff combines training, experience, creativity, heart, and street smarts relative to audio/video (AV) systems in public meeting and entertainment spaces. His unique--often uncanny--ability to size up a problem or design challenge makes him a "go to" person for the integrated AV systems industry.

    John Stiernberg

    Founder and Principal Consultant, Stiernberg Consulting