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Electro-Media provides needs analysis, feasibility studies, budget and scope definition, audiovisual and acoustical systems design, value engineering and peer review, procurement and project management, as-built documentation and commissioning services, training and AV department operations consulting.

Electro-Media systems are . . .

  • Reliable - Anything less than consistent, reliable service will affect the reputation of our systems and the properties where they are installed.
  • Flexible - The architecture of flexible function spaces in modern facilities requires that the technical systems be equally multi-purpose.
  • Easy To Use - Logical, intuitive controls permit quick setup and changes to the system configuration by users of all experience levels.
  • High Performance - As the perception and expectation of a high quality auditory and visual experience increases in our clients, our audiovisual systems need to keep pace.  Legibility, intelligibility, dynamic range, and signal-to-noise ratios are just some of the areas where we must design to accommodate the heightened sophistication of our audiences.
  • Cost-Effective - To be cost effective, each system component must be evaluated using the above quality criteria for cost and benefit.  Does it enhance reliability, is it flexible, easy to use, and high performance?


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Mandarin Oriental - Washington, DC

Electro-Media is unique . . .

"I have recommended Electro-Media Design on several projects and every time they made me look good to my clients. Being the Owner’s Advocate while maximizing value and technology effectiveness are hallmarks of Electro-Media’s services. They have saved our clients significant time and money by applying their experience in critically evaluating the level and sophistication of the technologies required, and effectively communicating with the design team and contractors.


One example is a hotel project in London where Electro-Media Design was able to discover acoustic issues which would have caused major problems in the main event space if they had gone unaddressed. The solution was relatively easy since it was caught early. Otherwise, fixing the problem would have been cost prohibitive or even impossible.  On the same project, a special limited-purpose screening room was programmed; EMD developed a complete business and marketing strategy with  flexible options for this space resulting in greater profit potential than originally intended. This expertise is unique to EMD, as no other consultant has the combination of experience in both technologies and AV operations that they do."

Nelson B. Roy, AIA, NCARB
Corporate Director, Projects (Retired)
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.



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