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Creating Meeting and Event Spaces that Work

With more than 30 years of experience designing meeting spaces for the hotel industry, Jeff Loether knows a thing or two about what's needed when it comes to turning an empty hotel room into the prefect venue for a meeting or event. (8/21/16)

Today's Blog: Budgeting Tips for 2017

Preventative Maintenance in Meeting Equipment Should NOT be Overlooked when Budgeting for 2017 (8/31/16)

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Preventing technology failures in hotel meeting spaces

Hosting a meeting or conference is stressful enough, so hoteliers should make sure they have the people and equipment ready to handle any tech problems that could arise. (8/8/16)

Make sure preventative maintenance is built into the budget each year, said Jeff Loether, consultant and founder of Electro-Media Design. It’s imperative to have good design upfront with backups and built-in safety and training, but systems should be revisited once a quarter. If it’s important to hoteliers to have...

rAVe Radio "GoodAV" Podcast

Good AV Episode 8: AV Design for Hotels: Creating the Envelope

by Midori Connolly

This month I had the great luck of spending a few minutes with Jeff Loether, president of Electro-Media Design. Jeff has 25+ years of AV design experience and he shares some of the coolest ideas and inspiration. I mean, it’s cool folks. Like how experience is the creation of emotional memory and emotion is often generated by a sensory experience… so good. Or how about the idea of how hotels are now “Tech Boutiquing” to showcase technology instead of hiding it? (8/5/16)

Over the next two decades, the development of new full-service hotels will be the slowest in history. What this means is many hotels are going to invest in renovation, which includes budgets for AV upgrades! So listen and learn why and how you can be a part of this trend.